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Founding Owner and Director of the business Fred Pisciuneri migrated to Australia from Italy in 1956.

Fred started work in a Bankstown fruit market at the age of 14 where heavy lifting was the key work requirement. With no forklifts available back in those days, carting 50kg bags of potatoes and loading truckloads of watermelons was all part of the job description. To save on transport costs at the time, Fred lived in a dungeon-like room at the back of the shop.

By 1962 after bringing all his family out from Italy, Fred opened his very first shop “Fred’s Fruit Market” at the age of 22. From 1962-1967 the family worked in the store & also lived above the shop.

By the 1980”s Fred had bought stores in Merrylands, St Mary’s and Penrith before going on to build a chain of 22 stores in areas that included far afield areas such as Wagga Wagga, Nowra and Newcastle.

Eventually Fred sold his share in the chain and supposedly to retire however, Fred Pisciuneri was far from done: He moved on to another store Fred’s Fruit Market; one that he owned and operated in Edensor Road Bonnyrigg before fulfilling an even bigger dream of his; that of building a super store where customers could enjoy the comforts of doing all their food shopping under the one roof.

The new store, Fred’s One Stop Shopping is located on the corner of Edensor Road and Smithfield Road, a site that can almost be described as a landmark of distinction and one that represents the culmination of more than 60 years of dedication and hard work from a fruit market owner renowned for being a true pioneer in the industry.

Fred’s eldest son Domenic and his wife Carolyn, continue to carry on the family business name ‘FREDS FRUIT MARKET ‘in its current location.


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