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A long time philosophy of Fred’s and one shared by his eldest son Dominic who firmly believes that the only way you get to know what your customers want, is to be on the floor with them!. To all Fred’s One Stop customers, the management and staff would like to express their gratitude for your continuing loyalty and support. While a little known fact, many of Fred’s customers are actual business owners themselves and here again, Dominic, Carolyn and their staff, extend sincere thanks. The past 12 months have proved exceptionally challenging since the passing of Fred Pisciuneri – long revered within the fruit market industry where he was affectionately referred to as “The King of Fruits”

Faced with the daunting task of having to completely restructure the business in the face of adversity, Dominic and Carolyn PIsciuneri, have never wavered in their quest to uphold the business and the good name of Fred Pisciuneri. Without good staff however, that task would have been insurmountable and it is with gratitude and respect that they also thank each and every staff member for their efforts.

“Fruit Market of the Year” along with “Business of the Year” does not come easy hence the significance underpinning the titles;

“Reward for effort” so to all the staff at Fred’s One Stop Shopping:


What does the future hold?

With the Fairfield Municipality being so unique in regards to its many different nationalities, Dominic and Carolyn look forward to extending the business even further in catering for the many diverse cultures that make Fairfield and its surrounding suburbs, such an interesting and desirable place to live. Furthermore, in enhancing the “One Stop Shopping” experience, management is pleased to announce that “Mr Liquor” will soon be coming to Fred’s!



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