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Market Update 27th February 2019

The elongated and glossy Black Sapphire Grapes are proving to be very popular with other varieties such as Thompson, Menindee, Crimson and Sultana Grapes all great value this week at Fred’s One Stop Shopping

Our Late Summer Melons are super-sweet right now. Choose from Rockmelon, Honeydew, Cassava and Piel De Sapo Melons. The new white honeydew with a variegated green rind (aka Dinosaur Eggs) make for some extremely sweet eating and have a subtle melon aroma

No need to wait any longer for New Season Apples with Stanhope and Bilpin Apples now currently underway. Of note are our Royal Gala Apples that are sweet, juicy and very crisp

Make the most of late season Peaches and Nectarines with both white and yellow flesh varieties still available

For a fruit that is surprisingly sweet, try Kiwiberry that looks kind of like a hairless Kiwi Fruit.

Generally with an elongated shape the Kiwiberry has a smooth, green, tender fruit that is a bite size fruit that contains tiny seeds. Kiwiberry provides a healthy dose of vitamin C

Available from now until late autumn, Williams Pears are a fast ripening pear that is ideal for poaching or when firm slices are added to a salad. If preferred, simply wash and enjoy some William Pears as a healthy snack

Honey sweet Figs are at their peak right now!

Queen Garnet Plums, with 3 times more vitamin C and high antioxidant content, make for a healthy choice of fruit this week

As supplies of new season Sheppard Avocados increase the prices are coming down. Creamy textured with a flesh that does not go brown, Sheppard Avocados are ideal for sandwich filling and salads

Pumpkins are in plentiful supply and are great value

If you have never eaten fresh Pistachio Nuts then now is a good time to try them with good supplies of fresh Pistachio Nuts from Mildura and Alstonville now in season. Moist, chewy Pistachio Nuts make a healthy snack

Versatile Carrots are top value right now and are delicious when eaten raw or cooked

Slender, fleshy and dark green bunches of Snake Beans are tender, mild-flavoured and versatile. Snake beans are at their peak right now

Kumara aka Sweet Potato is well priced this week at Fred’s One Stop

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