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Market Update 26th September 2018

No better way to start the day than with a taste of the tropics! Papaya prices this week are very attractive.

Sweet eating Strawberries from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland and Western Australia are a bargain this week. Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants.

Freshly harvested Kensington Pride Mangoes from Darwin herald the arrival of the Mango season. Their sumptuous tropical taste makes them ideal for tempting chilled desserts or smoothies

Jam-packed with antioxidants and bursting with colour are our flavoursome Blueberries. They will last longer if you remove them from the punnet, place them in a single layer on paper towel on a plate, then cover them with plastic before storing them in the fridge

Refreshing and naturally sweet Rockmelons taste sensational when eaten as a snack or when used in desserts

Creamy smooth Bananas from Queensland represent great value this week at Fred’s One Stop!

It’s been a bumper season this year for creamy ripe Avocados that taste delicious when teamed with a hard or soft-boiled egg on sour dough bread. A highly recommended and healthy treat!

Pop on into Fred’s this week for some golden fleshed and tangy-sweet Pineapples.

We kick off this week with some nutritious and highly flavoursome Broccoli that is well priced and good for you.

Snow-white Cauliflowers are both flavoursome and firm. Great in stir-fries and curries or just steamed.

If it is fast and simple cooking you are after then you can’t go past Asparagus! A delicious tasting vegetable that is currently at its peak for quality and value. For that something a little different, toss some into your next salad!

For a virtually no fat, low kilojoule vegetable, try the delectable taste of pale looking yet highly aromatic fennel that helps to make weight loss so much more achievable

Time to enjoy the rich, earthy taste of Beetroot today. You can bake, steam or microwave it however, be aware that cooking times will vary according the size of the bulbs.

Savour the distinctive nutty taste of Broad Beans today (also known as Fava Beans in Italy and the US) Broad Beans are well priced

Our normal Green Beans are a fantastic price this week!

Queensland grown Sweet Corn makes for some very good eating. Highly nutritious and very filling!

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