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Market Update 16th May 2018

Plentiful supplies of both Hass and Shepard Avocados right now so why not use them to dress up that simple salad.

For something that little bit different, try wrapping in foil, washed, cored and halved Quinces with Orange rind, Cinnamon and Butter then bake for an easy dessert, Baked or roasted Quinces even taste good when teamed with Lamb, Duck or Roast Pork

Sweet Persimmons taste divine when eaten firm and crunchy. Serve sliced, cut into wedges or julienne

Although Imperial mandarins are the most prevalent, keep your eye out for Afourer Mandarins that are renowned for being extra juicy

Try soft, fleshy Custard Apples that ripen at room temperature and are ready to be eaten when they yield to gentle pressure

New Season Apples include Kanzi, Pink Lady, Royal Gala and Braeburn

Cherry Tomatoes are a thrifty buy this week at Fred’s One Stop!

Rediscover the versatility of Cauliflower which has traditionally been eaten steamed or boiled. Cauliflower is popular nowadays when grated and sautéed, in soups or used as a rice substitute

Healthy, economical and modestly delicious, Celery is one of our staple vegetables that teams well with carrots and onions in creating a delicious flavour base for casseroles and soups

No better way to celebrate the cooler weather than with earthy root vegetables. Roasted Root Vegetables concentrate that inherent sweetness when served with cooked meats. They are especially enjoyable on their own, just topped with hummus and chopped parsley

High in nutritional value, Brussels Sprouts are a good way to build your immunity against winter colds and flu

Pumpkins are at their best during the cold winter months so why not whip up some Asian flavoured Pumpkin Soup

Nothing tastes better than freshly cooked Beetroot. Try roasting a whole beetroot sprinkled with cumin until tender then serve warm with Greek Yoghurt

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