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Market Update 10th April 2019

Grapes are well supplied at the quality is good. Crimson seedless are extra crunchy while Thompson Seedless are ideal for school lunch boxes. Black Muscats are jam-packed with flavour 

With Easter just around the corner, be sure you have ample supply of Lemons and Limes available for serving up with those delightful seafood dishes 

Crunch into some delectable New Season Apples such as Fuji, Pink Lady, Royal Gala, Granny Smith and Delicious. Alternatively, try out the newer Jazz and Kanzi varieties of apple that are a tasty cross between Gala and Braeburn Apples with their firm but dense flesh and tangy yet sweet flavour 

Time to snap up some late season Plums that taste divine when stewed up. Combine sliced plums with Granny Smith apples, sweeten to taste with a little sugar, top with a crumble mixture or serve cold with a honey yoghurt 

Crops of new season Mandarins from Mundubbera and Gayndah in QLD have started to appear with the fruit quality varying from sweet and tangy to somewhat tart 

Nashi Pears are currently sweet, very crisp and juicy 

Eggplant is an Autumn favourite that stars in so many international dishes throughout Europe and Asia. While delicious when baked and served with Parmesan Cheese, Eggplant tastes sensational when served up with char-grilled Lamb or Chicken 

Sweetcorn is very well priced this week. Renowned as a family favourite! 

Scrumptious whether hot or cold, Pumpkin particularly comes into its own during the Autumn and Winter months. Roasted Pumpkin that has been sprinkled with the freshest of herbs, a Moroccan spice mix or a combination of Chilli and Garlic, really brings out the natural sweetness of Pumpkin. We have ample supplies of Jap, Butternut and Jarrahdale Pumpkin 

Kumara (Sweet Potato) represents some really good value. Delicious when mashed together and seasoned with Desiree Potatoes. Alternatively, add some steamed Kumara to your next Pizza along with Feta Cheese and Rocket. The family will love it! 

Silverbeet is a thrifty buy this week 

Fennel is popular in the cooler months. This crisp, root vegetable with its delicate aniseed flavour is delicious in soups, casseroles, salads while complimenting lamb and seafood. Oddly enough, Fennel also teams delectably with Pears and Plums 

There are good supplies of Bathurst grown Cauliflowers which are ideal for that cooler evening meals. The quality is very good!

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