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Market Update 9th May 2018

It is crunch time for Australian Apples and the quality is absolutely superb!

Select from Golden Delicious, Royal Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith and Pink Lady.

Now is also the ideal time for Pears with Beurru Bosc, Packham, Josephine and Corella all of which provide a rich source of Fibre and naturally sweet juice.

Great special this week at Fred’s One Stop with Large Hass Avocados going out for a crazy price. Avocados will yield to gentle pressure at the stem when it is ready to eat. Creamy Avocado makes an ideal topper for Baked Jacket Potatoes.

We have a plentiful supply of very easy to peel Mandarins in store.

Cavendish Bananas are Australia’s favourite Banana with in excess of one billion consumed every year. A good price this week!

If you haven’t tried Rhubarb before then now is the time to try it with its distinctive tangy flavour that teams well with Apples, Nashi Pears, Cinnamon and Lemon rind.

In vegetables this week we have Broccoli the price of which, is excellent!

You either like them or loathe them but Brussels Sprouts are jam-packed with goodness and nutritional value. Great value!

One of the most economical vegetables is Celery which is both healthy for you and discreetly delightful in taste. Raw Celery sticks are great when served with peanut butter or alternatively, whipped up into a creamy smooth Celery Soup.

The quality of Spinach and the more robust vegetable Silverbeet is excellent. Why not whip up a Spinach Quiche or a Silverbeet, Feta and Ricotta Pie for dinner tonight?

Kumara which is also known as Sweet Potato, makes for a thrifty buy this week. Serve it mashed, add it to Curries and Family Casseroles or simply roast it.

Don’t miss Fred’s Special on Corn Cobs!

Lastly, don’t forget to add Chestnuts to your shopping list. The quality is superb and supplies are excellent.

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