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At the peak of their season, all apples are of good quality and value.


Great special at Fred’s Ones Stop with Sweet Hickson Mandarines: they are exceptionally well priced and with their high juice content, orange–red sweet flesh and thin easy to peel skin, they are ideal for juicing!

Unfortunately the price of Avocados is still holding firm and it may be a number of months before customers will benefit from lower prices

Bananas at present are of very good quality and value – ideal for the lunchboxes or afternoon snack

Great news for customers with Strawberries from QLD being of excellent quality and price – the price should continue to come down over the coming weeks.

The New Zealand Kiwi fruit season has commenced, the quality of which and value for money being excellent.

Limes are good value and the quality of Lemons is improving

Another great special for our customers this week is Jap Pumpkin; also referred to as Kent pumpkins, they have a ribbed green skin with yellow flecks and a yellow-orange flesh inside that is soft yet dry with a nutty flavor

Not much to report on the vegie front this week with the cold snap having lead to reduced supplies of some vegetable lines

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