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Market Update 9th December 2020

The first of the NEW SEASON FIGS are now available. Plump and succulent FIGS are ideal for adding sweetness to Fruit and Savoury Salads.

NEW SEASON APRICOTS from Swan Hill are aromatic with a sweet tanginess. The best eating apricots are bright in colour and firm to touch.

Nothing beats a perfectly ripe Peach or Nectarine bursting with juicy sweetness. There are many varieties of white and yellow-fleshed fruit now available. When choosing Nectarines, look for fruit with small white spots (or speckles) on the skin as this makes for the sweetest eating.

The first of the NEW SEASON FIGS are now available. Plump and succulent FIGS are ideal for adding sweetness to Fruit and Savoury Salads.

The Sweet Tropical aroma of a Ripe MANGO is irresistible! There are three varieties to select from Kensington Pride, Calypso and R2E2. Try out this fabulous salad:

The Festive Season is growing sweeter each week with CHERRIES! With so many different varieties coming from a wide area including Young, Orange, South Australia and Victoria, there is sure to be a quality, size and price range to suit everyone. 

New Season Grapes are firm and bursting with flavour. Pick up a bunch of Sweet and crunchy Flame or Menindee Seedless from Fred’s One Stop this week. 

December signals Fresh Berry Heaven! There is a superb range of superb quality Berries including Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Boysenberries, Blackberries and Red Currants. This Berry, Chocolate and Yoghurt Ice-cream Cake is a fabulous make-ahead Berry Dessert that will impress your guests this Christmas.

Exotic and flavoursome, fresh Lychees are a Sweet Summer Sensation. Store unpeeled Lychees in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge.

Summer is the best time to savour Tomatoes. Ripened in the summer sun, they are bursting with flavour. If you’re looking to boost the colour and flavour of your Summer Meals simply add Tomatoes. Value for money Tomatoes this week include Cherry, Grape Tomatoes and Truss Tomatoes.

Time to enjoy Summers Barbecues. Large jumbo Flat Mushrooms have a rich-meaty flavour are ideal to use as a Meat replacement. This BBQ Mushrooms with Goat’s Cheese, Basil and Tomatoes recipe is quick and easy to prepare and teams Mushrooms with Heirloom or colourful Medley Tomatoes.

Thrifty and versatile Carrots are a kitchen staple. Grab a 1-kilo bag from Fred’s One Stop Shopping. Enjoy them raw in your favourite Salad.

Summer is prime time for crispy, crunchy Beans. Toss steamed Baby Green Beans in a salad with shaved Baby Fennel, Parmesan Cheese and halved Cherry Tomatoes. Drizzle with extra Virgin olive oil and Lemon juice. Season to taste and serve with Fish.

Baby Fennel bulbs are in season and team superbly with Tomatoes or Beans in a Summer Salad or serve them finely shredded with any Seafood or Lamb. Add a Baby Fennel Bulb to your shopping list this week.

Kumara is a TOP BUY! This versatile orange-fleshed vegetable is perfect roasted, fried or boiled for a potato salad.

Sweetcorn is a family favourite so be sure to fire up the barbecue and add a few cobs Barbecuing corn imparts a delightful, smoky flavour or alternatively, take Corn to a new level by basting them with a spicy, cheesy, herby marinate

Fast to cook, nutritious and versatile, Asian Leafy Greens are simply a busy cook’s best friend. Slice and add to stir-fries and Noodle Dishes or steam and serve as a Side Dish topped with Fresh Ginger and Soy Sauce.

Shiny black Eggplants have a tender texture and subtle flavour. Delicious sautéed, baked, grilled or barbecued, Eggplants easily absorb flavours during cooking. Currently, supplies are coming from Bundaberg, South Australian and the Sydney basin.

The coolest of summer veggies, Cucumbers are crunchy, succulent and refreshing. Although available all year-round Cucumbers peak in Summer. The most popular types are Lebanese, Telegraph and the miniature sized Baby Qukes.

Healthy Salads can be enjoyed all year round. In Summer start your next Salad with a soft-leafed Fancy Lettuce like Red Oak leaf, Mignonette, Butter or Red Coral Lettuce.

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