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Corella Pears are on special this week at Fred’s and are loved for their sweet and crisp flavour

Tangy Lemons are in plentiful supply

The quality and value of Navel Oranges is excellent

Sweet Topless Pineapples are a super buy at Fred’s this week – this delicious fruit is high in Vitamin C

Hass Avocados are in season right now

QLD Bananas with their smooth and creamy texture are top value this week at Fred’s One Stop Shopping

Tangelos which are across between a mandarin and grapefruit are in store.

Lebanese Zucchini_ a great source of minerals and nutrients, this vegetable can be steamed, baked, barbequed and roasted .

Red and Green Capsicum represent good quality and value

Versatile Fennel makes for a seasonally good buy

Broccoli is in good supply and is well priced

Locally grown Eggplants represent good value

The quality and value of Cauliflower is excellent

Cirio 700g Passata Verace is a great product at a great price this week and one that has been teamed up LA Molisana Egg Pasta in the 250g packet

Featuring from Le Grande Deli this week customers is Authentic Soresina Grana Padano and Soresina Provolone Dolce.

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