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Market Update 8th November 2016

Extra Large Bananas are a fantastic price this week!

Blueberries are in plentiful supply

We have boxes of Kensington Mangoes at a fantastic price

The quality of the Victorian Strawberries is excellent

Market prices are still up on Hass Avocados as supply is getting scarce

The quality of Pineapples is still very good despite tightening up of supply

Supplies of Watermelon is coming from the Northern Territory

Australian season of Asparagus is in full swing and the quality is excellent!

Celery represents very good quality and value

Broccoli is very good

Unfavourable weather has affected the supply and quality of Red Capsicum making green Capsicum better value

The quality of our locally grown Snow Peas is very good

In grocery this week at Fred’s One Stop we have 6 Pack Santa Vittoria Sparkling Mineral Water in the 750ml variety

4 Kilo bags of Original Heat Beads are very well priced

Le Grande Deli has 3 great specials for customers:

  • Casa Double Smoked Ham – sliced only
  • Italian Parma Prosciutto – sliced only
  • Jarlsberg Cheese – sliced or pieces

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