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Market Update 8th May 2019

Imperial Mandarin are absolutely first class! This season’s fruit is delectably sweet, juicy and very well-priced. Mandarins are easy to peel and make an ideal, anytime snack

Exotic Quinces are in store at Fred’s One Stop. This delicately scented fruit which is closely related to Apples and Pears can be stewed, baked, poached or used to make jams, jellies and pastes

Our New Season Apples are fantastic right now with Royal Gala, Delicious, Granny Smith Apples and more in store and well-priced.

Sweet Persimmons are an Autumn treat. When eaten firm, their pale orange flesh is crunchy like an apple and can be sliced or cut into wedges then added to cheese platters and salads.

Australia’s favourite Banana is the Cavendish Banana with in excess of one billion being consumed each year. Kids certainly love them!

If you have never eaten Candy Melon, then now is the time to try it. Resembling a yellow honeydew with its golden rind, the Candy Melon flesh inside is orange. They are sweet, tasty and a top buy!

Don’t forget to pick up a tangy-tasting bunch of Rhubarb this week customers. Rhubarb teams exceptionally well with Apples, Pears, Cinnamon, Lemon and Ginger for some home-made tasty desserts that the family will love!

Into the vegetables now - our large, snow-white Cauliflowers that are of premium quality and make for some excellent buying.

With Winter just around the corner, now is the time to build up our immune system. Brussels Sprouts are jam-packed with Vitamin C. For a dish that is different, stir-fry some finely shredded Brussels Sprouts with diced Bacon, Pine Nuts and Garlic

Did you know that Leafy greens such as Silverbeet are ideal for adding to hearty Autumn soups? Silverbeet teams well with potato for a creamy style soup. Alternatively, pan fry some shredded Silverbeet with onions, garlic, diced chorizo sausage and beef stock

The crisp texture and subtle aniseed flavour of Fennel, teams perfectly with Lamb, Fish, Oranges, Pears or Tomatoes. Savour Fennel sautéed, steamed, microwaved or baked. Try adding thinly sliced Fennel to soups, salads or pasta sauces

Green Beans are good value this week at Fred’s One Stop Shopping

Plump, supplely sweet-onion flavoured Leeks are likewise a choice buy. Leeks are mostly used as a base for those deliciously tasty, homemade vegetable soups

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