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Market Update 8th August 2018

The warm weather synonymous with Queensland has produced a bumper crop of luscious and super-tasty Strawberries!

Add to that Blueberries that are both sweet-eating and great value and you have yourself a real treat!

Easy to peel Tangelos are sweet and extra-juicy. When selecting, Tangelos should feel rather heavy for their size which indicates a good juicy content. Bon appetite!

At Fred’s we have some late winter Lemons the juice and zest of which adds flavour to marinades, soups, cakes and puddings


Kensington Pride Mangoes are simply bursting with tropical flavour – the perfect snack at any time!

If you are looking for a low kilojoule snack then you can’t go past Aussie Apples. Fuji, Pink Lady, Royal Gala and Jazz are good value and make for some tasty eating.

Pop a tangy but sweet Pineapple into your trolley customers. They add that delightful and tangy flavour to any homemade Salsa

Salad tomatoes are in great supply and fabulous value!

If you are looking for a great seasonal buy in vegetables then don’t go past versatile Fennel which tastes divine when teamed with tomatoes, potatoes, citrus, lamb, chicken or seafood!

The subtle sweet taste of Leeks represents good value this week at Fred’s One Stop

Likewise, antioxidant enriched Kale makes for an extra tasty and thrifty buy. Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables as it provides 100% of your daily requirements of Vitamins A, C and K.

Queensland Eggplant is a top buy!

Make the most of highly nutritious and good value Broccoli this week or alternatively, pop a firm, compact Cauliflower into your trolley – Caulies taste delicious when roasted!

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