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Market Update 7th November 2018

The Mango season is certainly hotting up with a flood of Kensington Pride and R2E2 varieties now available at very good prices at Fred’s One Stop.

The sweet, crimson flesh of seedless watermelon makes for a refreshing change with the warmer weather. The succulent taste of Watermelon makes for a healthy snack or dessert fruit.

South Australian, Victorian and Western Australian Strawberry crops are yielding quality berries that are very reasonably priced

Honeydew Melons are currently in season with two varieties available, both of which have super sweet white flesh. The difference is in the rind, one having a white rind and the other a golden yellow rind.

Super buy for the week is Large Cherry Tomatoes!

Queensland Pineapples are both Sweet and Tangy! Pineapples do not ripen further once harvested. Delectable when served sliced, diced, crushed or pureed

Fresh beetroots are certainly thrifty buy this week at Fred’s. Bake, steam or microwave, the cooking times will vary depending on the size of the bulbs. When purchasing, choose bulbs of a similar size so they will cook in the same time. Sliced beetroot tastes fantastic when added to a salad

If you’re partial to nutty-flavoured Broad Beans then now is the perfect time to get cooking! Broad beans are plentiful and inexpensive right now. Select firm, pale green broad beans with plump, rather than bulging, pods

Tender English spinach represents good value and is delicious when eaten raw or cooked. Wash leaves and stems then shred to add them to a salad, omelette, pasta dishes or a risotto.

Fred’s One Stop have some crunchy Radishes instore. Radishes, with their colourful skin and crisp-white flesh have a unique peppery flavour. Add some very thinly sliced Radish to your next salad, slaw or sandwich fillings

Fast to cook, versatile, healthy and delicious Aussie green Asparagus is a bargain!

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