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Versatile and tangy-tasting Imperial Mandarins are plentiful…perfect for an afternoon snack!

This week at Fred’s we have tasty tropical Pineapples that make a great dessert when warmed in butter and brown sugar before being served with a dollop of fresh cream

Now is the time to try Rhubarb if you haven’t already done so; team them up with apples or pears and a little sugar for a very tangy dessert that is rich in calcium and fibre. When stewed together, top with custard, ice cream or rice cream for the perfect winter dessert

Hass Avocados are a good price

Aniseed is a real value-for-money buy at Fred’s this week! A sweet, mild liquorice tasting vegetable that is especially popular in Italy and France, the bulbous base of which can be thinly sliced and used in salads or sliced and cooked

Large Red Capsicum are priced just right customers; sliced, diced, roasted or eaten raw, these tasty vegetables will liven up any meal with their sweet, savory taste.

Beetroot is a top buy this week!

Versatile and vibrantly colored carrots are the perfect winter vegetable: add them to soups, casseroles and stir-fries

Egg noodles in a 1kg are available from our grocery department as is Mama Rosa’s Beef Lasagne in a 2.8kg pack.

Le Grande Deli specials this week are firstly, Feta Cheese and secondly Short Cut Bacon. Both are exceptionally well priced.

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