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Bananas, Bananas, Bananas…excellent price and great tasting this week at Fred’s One Stop!

Navel Oranges in the net…sweet, juicy and easy to peel favorite are exceptionally well priced.

Customers, our strawberries this week are simply at their best.

Blueberries are much sweeter than they were several weeks ago…a healthy addition to the morning smoothie.

Another addition to smoothies is the Kiwi Fruit and in particular the Kiwi Gold of which supplies are improving

Mandarins are rather tasty right now.

As far as vegetables go, Broccoli, Cauliflowers and Corn are not just well priced they are all of sound quality.

From the Grocery section customers, we have on special, 6 pack SoleNatura Passata Rustica while also having Sun Rice Australian Medium Grain White Rice in the 10kg pack.

Le Grande Deli has Zammit Soccerball Ham at a very pleasing price…great for lunches.

Provolone Mild Cheese (Topolino)…this young cheese is easily sliced and is straw yellowish in color. Try it this week!

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