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Market Update 7th February 2018

Luscious, soft and naturally sweet Figs are an amazing price this week at Fred’s!

Snap up a bargain with some juicy Valencia Oranges that are jam-packed with Vitamin C despite their skin pigment at this time of the year being tinged with green pigment.

Have you ever tried tropical Dragonfruit? A member of the Cactus Family, this fleshy fleshy and juicy fruit is white on the inside with edible black seeds.

Shepard Avocados with their creamy and nutty flavour are now in season

Grapes are simply bursting with flavour right now. Choose from Black Muscat, Menindee, Thompson and Sultana seedless

Instore this week, we have New Season Royal Gala Apples and William Pears

Wanting some Snake Beans?

Choose slender, crisp snake beans with some flexibility when bent. Store the bunches in plastic bags in the fridge for use within two days

If you are looking for an ingredient rich in flavour and easy to prepare then you can’t go pass mushrooms. Great in stir-fries, salads, pizza toppings and meat dishes

For some good value this week, pick up a Pumpkin from Fred’s. Cheaper when you purchase them whole, Pumpkins have a smooth creamy flesh that comes loaded with vitamins A & C and fibre.

Quite the family favourite, juicy sweetcorn is well priced this week

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