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Market Update 7th April 2013

Here at Fred’s this week, our New Season Apples are currently of excellent quality. Fuji’s another favorite with customers are coming into season and are likewise, great eating!


Pink Ladies have now started for the season.

Bananas, always a favorite for kids, are of good quality and value.

And what can be better than great tasting Imperial Mandarins from Queensland that have survived the massive rainfalls of late.

Chestnuts, Quinces and Fuyu are still in good supply this week and the pick for Plums this week would have to be the October Suns.

Lemons and Limes are much better value this week with the quality of Limes being very good.

New Season William Pears make the perfect after school snack.

As far as vegetables go, Broccoli is a little scarce yet of good quality although, the price is not as good as customers have come to expect. Cauliflower is also dearer than usual.

The recent hot weather down in Victoria coupled with rainfall across the eastern seaboard, has adversely affected the price of many vegetable lines.

Corn is one of the exceptions and is excellent in quality, value and taste!

Capsicums are slowly improving and are of sound quality. The price of pumpkin is steady and of good value.

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