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Market Update 6th September 2016

Hass Avocados are now in season and the quality is excellent

Supplies of QLD Rockmelons are improving and the fruit is jam-packed with flavour

The next few weeks will see the best of the best QLD Strawberries coming into the market. The quality and value to date has been excellent

Bananas as expected remains constant in quality and value

Navel oranges are very sweet and juicy right now

New season Packham Pears, Corella and Bosc all represent great quality and value

The supply of celery has improved

Locally grown Snowpeas are arriving and the quality is very good

Cauliflower and Broccoli represent good quality and value

Jap Pumpkin is a hot price this week at Fred’s One Stop – has a nutty flavour, deep yellow flesh and is great when mashed

English Spinach is on special - an excellent source of vitamin C, Folate and Beta- Carotene, this delicately flavoured vegetable tastes great when stir fried with Garlic and Bacon

The Australian season for Asparagus has just started

Our Continental Grocery department boasts to great prices this week on Monte Fresco Ricotta Cheese and Hastings Valley Pecorino Cheese


Le Grande Deli specials for this week include Greek Dried Olives and San Daniele Italian Prosciutto

Soresina Provolone Dolce and Piccante is available at an extra special price – sliced and pieces

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