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Blueberries are fantastic both in price and quality

Mangoes direct from Northern Territory are in abundance. The quality is excellent.

The quality of Rock Melons is very good

Topless Pineapples are very sweet and priced exceptionally well this week. We are in the best time of the year right now for Pineapples

Bananas are priced well and taste delicious…good yellow color to this ever -popular fruit

Spring has well and truly sprung with Broccoli and Kale representing good value for money this week at Fred’s

Asparagus at this time is as good as it gets in quality and taste

Get on in customers for some locally grown Lebanese Cucumbers. Not only do they taste great, the price is right!

Finally our Punnet Tomatoes have begun to ease in price which is great news for our customers

Corn and Beans continue to be in oversupply hence, the price should remain good for some time

Rhubarb – though not an all time favorite, it makes for an excellent dessert when combined with Apple or Pear

Groceries – Cirio Passata (6 pack) is exceptionally well priced customers

From the USA we have 350g Shelled Walnuts from Super Fresh Foods

Le Grande Deli – Pieces or Sliced Swiss Cheese is priced just right along with sliced Boneless Imperial Ham

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