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The time is ripe at Fred’s One Stop for Red Seedless Grapes – a healthy choice for people looking to cut calories or reduce fat with each one-cup serving containing only 62 calories and less than 1 gram of fat. Sweet, mature and great value!


Imperial Mandarins are perfect – sweet tasting, good value and super easy to peel and a good reason why, this variety of mandarin makes the perfect addition to kid’s lunchboxes.

Fuji Fruit is a good buy at Fred’s this week. Also known as a Persimmon, Fuji’s were first introduced into Queensland in 1800’s. Fuji’s have a thin glossy, orange skin with orange flesh inside

Granny’s Apples are very crisp and juicy, and their flavor is excellent.

Pink Lady’s have just started – they are also of excellent quality.

Avocadoes are now mostly the Hass variety, the skin of which turns black upon ripening.

From the grocery department this week we have S.Pelligrino Mineral Water – an Italian brand of Mineral Water that has some naturally occurring carbonation and a brand that has produced in Italy for more than 600 years.

Exceptionally well priced this week, are Desiree Potatoes. They have a yellow flesh, distinctive flavor and make great eating when roasted, mashed or in salads.

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