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Market Update 6th March 2019

Sweet Persimmons season has started. Sweet persimmon aka Fuji fruit resemble Persimmon yet unlike traditional Persimmons, Sweet Persimmon can be eaten hard and crisp. Their tangerine coloured flesh makes an appealing accompaniment to any cheese board or salad

Don’t miss out on the last of the season’s excellent Peaches and Nectarines. Late season clingstone varieties are tasty and great value!

Flavoursome William Pears are a top buy this week so for something a little different this week, try roasting William Pears and parsnips to compliment a family roast pork

Autumn Grapes have hit the market. A family favourite to be added to kids’ lunchboxes!

Flavoursome Plums such as the Autumn Giant, Red Candy, Radiance and Tegan Blue varieties and all in season. If you like plums, they are a must to take home!

At Fred’s this week, Autumn figs are plump, fleshy and naturally sweet…

New Season apples are instore with Red Delicious, Granny Smiths, Royal Gala and Pink Lady all being tasty and super crispy

On to vegetables and Kumara aka Sweet Potato is a top buy this week.

Fleshy and dark green in colour, Snake Beans are tender, mild-flavoured and very versatile. During early Autumn Snake Beans Snake beans are at their peak for value and freshness

A great buy this week is Sweetcorn – sweet by name and sweet by nature!

Carrots are crispy, tasty and good value right now

Into the super-health veggies, try some leafy and nutritious Kale that has become a popular choice for green juices, stir-frying or adding shredded to frittatas, omelettes and salads

Rounding out for the week we have Asian Greens with Bok Choy, Choy Sum, Gai Lum at great prices

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