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Market Update 6th December 2017

Great special this week with Lychees – the ultimate summer fruit you never knew you needed. A perfect blend between tart and sweet!

Apricots, with their velvety skin and naturally sweet, succulent taste are a perfect choice this week at Fred’s One Stop.

Mangoes – Simply the best!

Choose from Kensington pride, Calypso, R2E2 and Honeygold varieties all of which taste absolutely devine!

With so much delicious fruit around, Bananas are still a standout for price and taste but the best feature…Kids Love Them!

New Season Plums are now available

Cannot go past Cherry Tomatoes customers – bursting in your mouth with a pop of flavour!

Time for some Beetroot – scrumptious when roasted and added to a salad or made into a Beetroot Dip

The price of Eggplants has eased due to an increase in supplies

Absolutely brimming with flavour this week are our Green Beans that are best served with a slight crunch to them

Looking for a quick, cool and refreshing snack to nibble on, then you can’t go past Lebanese Cucumbers.

Rounding out this week, did you know that Kumera (Sweet Potato) is low in GI?


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