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Market Update 5th September 2018

Tropical Papaya fruit from far-north Queensland is a bargain this week. When selecting, choose fruit that is brightly coloured and with undamaged flesh

Naturally sweet Bananas are a great price and come jam-packed with carbohydrates, ibre and vitamins. Kids love them!

Flavoursome Strawberries are a family favourite and are well-priced. Teamed with high antioxidant Blueberries, they make a healthy choice for breakfast cereals and smoothies

Makes healthy sense to be spreading some Avocado on your toast or sandwich instead of Butter. Did you know that swapping 20g of Butter for 2 tablespoons of Avocado reduces the kilojoule and fat count by half?

If you’re looking for sweetness with a bit of tang, then pick up some Tangelos from Fred’s One Stop today. Fruit should feel heavy for its size with weight being an indication of juice content

Blood Oranges are only in season until late September so make the most of this sweet and very juicy fruit!

Aussie Apples are simply the BEST!

Choose from Royal Gala, Fuji and Pink Lady for a low kilojoule snack. Great for packing into the kid’s lunch boxes

As the weather heats up in in the Northern Territory, we are seeing more Kensington Pride Mangoes heading south. A scrumptious treat!

Bowen Eggplants are in plentiful supply and well-priced.

Worth trying are Fred’s in season and nutty flavoured Broad Beans. Tender and very tasty when served with a dob of butter and pepper. Try some tonight!

Spring has arrived and so have plentiful supplies of brightly coloured, smooth and shiny-skinned Chillies. An everyday ingredient in Mexican, Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisines

Pick up some fresh Aussie Asparagus that when cooked until just tender, makes the most delectable foods imaginable

Golden fleshed Jap Pumpkins from Queensland are in plentiful supply

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