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Market Update 5th June 2018

Market Update 5th June 2018

Navel Oranges are plentiful and in peak season. With virtually no seeds, these juicy oranges with their vibrant colour and succulent dense flesh, are easy to peel. They are also naturally good for you as they are jam-packed with Vitamin C.

Hass Avocados are extra-large, in great supply and top value. A powerhouse of solid nutritional value that is great for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or even a light Evening Meal

Apples, apples everywhere but today I am only focusing on crisp, sweet Fuji Apples that are one of the most versatile Winter Fruits of all. They can either be eaten raw or cooked and during the winter months they are in peak supply.

Super sweet and luscious Gold Kiwifruit and the green-fleshed variety of Kiwifruit are both available at Fred’s One Stop this week

Fresh California Dates taste deliciously caramel in flavour thus making them ideal for scrumptious desserts that the whole family will enjoy

The QLD Strawberry season is just about to get underway!

One simply cannot go past a Carrot for the ultimate, sweet pick-me-up. Crunchy raw Carrot sticks provide that added energy boost when you need it most

Kumara otherwise known as sweet potato, are enriched with vitamins and fibre. Delicious when either roasted or mashed

Looking for a boost of natural flavour and goodness, then Mushrooms is where it is at. A powerhouse of nutrition that can be savoured Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

Despite the lack of appeal with Celeriac, it is indeed a vegetable that is delicate in flavour and versatility. With a taste like Celery and starchy texture, Celeriac is ideal for making a creamy soup.

Broccoli is simply flourishing during the cooler weather. Enjoy it steamed or for maximum flavour or add it to stir-fries

Crisp, fresh Fennel imparts its rich, aniseed flavour when added to Soups, Casseroles and Winter bakes.

And finally, let’s not forget Parsnips!

Wintertime is the perfect time to savour the flavour and versatility of Parsnips with their sweet and nutty flavour team perfectly well with pears, pork, carrots or potatoes

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