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Market Update 5th June 2013

The Australian season for Kiwifruit is here and the quality is very good.


Queensland Bananas although still slightly more expensive than usual, are of sound quality.

Indubitably the best tasting Strawberries of the year, the Queensland grown Strawberries have arrived in a big way and despite the price being somewhat higher than what customers have come to expect, the value is second to none.

The Hass Avocados from Queensland are tops!

Papaya are not only available at good prices, customers will find that they are great tasting as well.

Navel Oranges are now in season and the quality of them is excellent!

Lemons and Limes are good with the price of Limes being slightly better value.

Tomatoes have eased a little in price, as have most varieties of vegetables with the exception of Spring Onions and Cauliflowers. Beans, Lebanese Cues, Beans, Rhubarb and Beetroot are all set to go a little lower in price.

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