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Avocados are in peak supply right now which means, the price is right!

We are currently in the peak season for citrus fruits with Blood Oranges from QLD and SA now in season

Get some Vitamin C in you and the family with Kiwi Fruit – scoop some up at Fred’s One Stop

Bananas are at their best price right now

Pears are in ample supply

From the veggie department we have Red Capsicums in nets as our special of the week

Winter is the perfect time for potatoes – try them fried, mashed, boiled or baked, they are one of the most versatile vegetables

Winter Time is soup time and the prices are right for the essential trio of carrots, Onions and Celery

Our grocery section has Golden Shore 5 kg White Sugar going for a crazy price this week and Tusan Tomato Paste in the 830g size.

Eskal 3kg Dill Pickles are likewise a good price –

Le Grande Deli specials are firstly, Ricotta Cheese that is available in both Full Cream and Low Fat varieties

Perfect choice for sandwiches or salads this week is Chilli Chicken Breast and Portuguese Chicken – sliced only

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