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Berries this week make for fantastic eating and with the influx of winter Blueberries from northern NSW, customers are certainly in for a treat!

Navel Oranges are excellent for quality and value this week

Cold weather is having an impact on Bananas in that the skin is turning greyish on the outside however, in regards to taste, this unusual coloring has no effect on the taste of the Banana.

With its deliciously sweet taste, musky undertones and a soft, butter-like consistency Papaya is good value customers.

Right now the quality of Rock Melons is very good as is the quality of Pineapples

Good news at last for vegetables with warmer weather in some areas increasing the harvesting in some areas.

Broccoli this week is at a super price, customers!

The supply of Artichokes and Aniseed has increased dramatically thus resulting in an ease on pricing. Great news!

Despite the price still being high for Corn, the quality remains very good

Capsicum in the net is a great choice this week at Fred’s One Stop!

Potatoes and Onions remain well supplied at very reasonable prices

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