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Market Update 4th November 2020

Strawberries from Victoria and Western Australia are sweet and plentiful. Slice and serve Strawberries on your breakfast cereal combined with Yoghurt, toss into a Fruit Salad, a healthy smoothie or use them for desserts. Try this super easy Fresh Mixed Berry free-form Tart:

A colder and wetter start to November is impacting on Stone Fruit supplies. As the weather warms up, we will see supplies of Nectarine and Peaches increase with fruit becoming larger and richer in flavour. Stone Fruit supplies are coming from orchards in NSW, QLD and VIC. 

QLD Bananas are top value! A solid source of dietary fibre while also a source of Potassium. The body uses Potassium to balance Sodium (from salt) and to maintain healthy blood pressure. 

Luscious MANGO SEASON is here! Select from Kensington Pride, Calypso and R2E2 varieties. Best to allow firm Mangoes to ripen at room temperature until flesh yields to gentle pressure around the stem. Mangoes are ideal for use in sweet and savoury dishes; this Char-grilled Mango, Chilli & Lime Chicken is finger-licking good!

The first of the season’s Apricots from Menindee have started to arrive! Select plump Apricots with a fragrant aroma and no sign of greening around the stem. 

CHERRY SEASON is off to a shorter start this year due to the cooler and wetter weather. Fruit is coming from Young and Hillston. Prices will ease as the weather warms up and the bigger suppliers climb on board. 

Plump, flavoursome Blueberries are jam-packed with antioxidants and are a good source of vitamin C. Blueberries are coming from Northern NSW and Queensland. 

Pop a little zesty zing into your meals with Tangy Limes. Supplies have increased and prices have eased. Limes are ideal for using in Cheesecakes, Puddings, Pies, Sauces, Salad Dressings and Thai or Vietnamese dishes. To obtain the maximum amount of juice from a lime, warm the fruit in the microwave for 30 seconds or roll firmly on the kitchen bench then juice. 

Mix the dynamic flavours of Spring Veggies with refreshing Lebanese Cucumbers; a refreshing vegetable that adds a juicy crunch to Salads and Dips. Lebanese Cucumbers team delectably with the fresh flavours of Dill, Tomatoes, Lemon, Sour Cream, Feta and Yoghurt. 

Beetroot is sweet, nutty favoured and great value! Toss cooked & peeled Beetroot, with Watercress, Toasted Walnuts and Feta Cheese in a bowl then drizzle with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar. 

Tasty Australian Asparagus is plentiful, well-priced and the quality is excellent. Enjoy Asparagus boiled, char-grilled or steamed to serve hot or cold. Whip up Asparagus, Tomato & Haloumi Salad. 

Celery adds crunch and flavour to a great range of salads and stir-fries and its juicy flesh teams well with creamy dips. Choose crisp pale green Celery with fresh-looking leaves. 

Be sure to snap up Zucchinis this week from Fred’s One Stop. For something a little different; slice and marinate Zucchini in soy sauce for grilling at your next barbecue. Zucchinis can be added to a stir fry, grated and baked in a cake or added to a pasta like this Zucchini, Tomato & Basil Spaghetti with Ricotta. 

If you are looking for a savvy buy this week then go no further than 5 kilo bags of Brushed, Desiree and Washed Potatoes from South Australia! 

Versatile and nutritionally enriched Mushrooms satisfy your appetite whilst helping you to minimise the kilojoule intake. Time to add a few Mushrooms to your meals and reap the health benefits. This Mushroom, Spinach & Cheese Omelette is perfect for breakfast, brunch or an easy dinner. 

Australian grown Garlic is in season from Oct-Dec. Garlic is well recognised for its health benefits and fabulous flavour. 

Cos lettuce has a lovely crunchy stem that adds texture to your salad. Toss together a tasty Lemon Chicken Caesar salad with a Cos Lettuce or the Baby Cos Lettuce. 

Green onions (shallots) are ideal for adding a delicate onion flavour. Add thinly sliced green onions to salads or cut into 5cm lengths a toss into a stir fry. 

Fast to cook and ever so versatile snow peas are a choice buy. Trim Snow Peas and remove the strings from the sides. Heat a wok over high heat. Add 1 tbs Peanut Oil, 1 chopped Green Onion (shallot) and 2 cloves chopped Garlic.

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