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Sweet Yellow peaches are the go this week at Fred’s along with Nectarines.

The quality of our Bananas continues to be good

Victorian season for berries has started – the quality is good but they still a little on the expensive side

Seedless Watermelon – price and taste fantastic this week

Pineapples are sweet and juicy – good value for money

Quality of Rock Melons is also good

The quality and value is very good for our Australian Asparagus

Beautifully grown Local Cucumbers represent good taste and value for money

We have ample supplies of locally grown Zucchini

Cabbage and Kale represent good quality and likewise, value

From our Continental grocery department we have Special White Flour and Minas Kava Ground Coffee on special this week

Rounding out this week customers is sliced Soccerball Ham and Milel Pecorino Cheese, both of which are well priced

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