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White seedless Grapes are in season and represent excellent quality and value while the Crimson variety are now really coming into their own.

But the pick of the week here at Fred’s are Black Muscat Grapes, a table grape however, did you know that this black variety of grape when dried is called a raisin?

Plums are in the peak of their season and make for very good eating.

Peaches and Nectarines are still very good

Customers, this might sound crazy but there is an absolute glut of Limes in the market hence it is now cheaper to purchase Limes than Lemons

As far as vegies are concerned, Cauliflower and Onions are among the most well priced this week with some varieties of Potatoes, also being very well priced

Local Lebanese Cucumbers are on special this week at Fred’s. They make the perfect choice for that refreshing all year round salad. Best eaten when bright green and firm.

Generally, supplies of most vegetables in the markets are good as are the prices which augers well for our customers

From the deli customers Danish Feta is well priced. Slightly milky and sweet tasting without being to over-powering, it has a smooth texture in comparison to most other Feta varieties and is ideally suited for salads

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