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Stone fruit is still really good at this time with Peaches and Tegan Blue Plums being the pick

Here at Fred’s this week, we recommend both the Black Muscat and White Sultana Grapes. Did you know that when dried the black grape varieties are called raisins while the dried white variety of grape is known as a sultana?

Rockmelons with their distinctive tropical flavor that immediately transports to your taste buds, are of very good quality and value, as are the Honeydew Melons with their sweet, moist and succulent taste.

In our vegetable range the Sweet Potato, a vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals and one that makes an ideal choice for those baked dinners, are very well priced and good quality.

Pumpkin varieties are very good and well priced as are carrots

Lettuce, one of the most popular salad vegetables, is now easing in price

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