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Market Update 4th July 2018

Wintertime is Citrus time with the season for Blood oranges from Queensland having started

Bananas are great value this week. Despite their creamy texture, bananas contain no fat in fact the average size Banana 120 calories or 501kj

Pink Lady Apples are noted for their sweet, yet tart taste and crisp texture. They are in plentiful supply this week

Pears are plentiful and good value

Avocados are at their peak which equates to great value, quality and supply

A seasonal favourite are Strawberries and this week we have some very sweet and plump Strawberries from the Sunshine Coast 

Quinces are in season however, they are a fruit that does require cooking prior to eating. Great tasting when baked or poached until soft

Looking for an inexpensive, versatile and highly nutritional vegetable this week then pop into Fred’s One Stop this week for some well-priced Jap, Jarrahdale or Butternut Pumpkin

A winter favourite is firm and crisp Fennel with its delicate aniseed flavour. Great in soups!

Broccoli is very well priced

Brussels Sprouts although not everyone’s cup of tea, make for a highly nutritional intake of vitamins and antioxidants

Cauliflowers are good value right now and are simply bursting with goodness

Brushed potatoes from Atherton are of sound quality and value

Salad tomatoes are in good supply and excellent quality

Lastly, don’t forget to grab some Chestnuts to roast for the family!

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