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Locally grown English Spinach is a fantastic price at Fred’s this week

Fresh Australian Broccoli is a great price!

Why not try some Broccolini customers – that delightful tasting vegetable with its asparagus-like stems and florets that is so often used in Asian dishes

Stir Fries are the ideal meal for people who are always on the go; grab a quick Stir Fry ready mix; throw in some Bok Choy, Choy Sum and some Mushrooms and you’re there!

Ever tried Chokoes – an oldie but a goodie and delicious when steamed then served with a little butter and some Dill.

In fruit lines this week we have some very Sweet Persimmons as well as Limes that are less acidic than Lemons and have a slightly more subtle-tasting flavor to them. They tend to be used extensively in Thai and Vietnamese Salad Dressings

Bananas are as usual, are an ever reliable and kid-pleasing choice.

Sweet-eating Custard Apples are a taste sensation customers!

In groceries we have Hidden Valley Ricotta Cheese at a not to be missed price…

Rice as we know is a staple part of many different cuisines hence this week customers, we have 10kg bags of Medium Grain Sun Rice at a budget saving-price.

Check out Le Grande Deli specials this week…. Primo Porchetta and Mortadella both at money-saving prices!

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