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Good news for customers this week – all the apples are not only at their best, they are well priced!


Josephine, Packham and Corella Pears are likewise of sound quality and price.

Australian Gold Kiwi Fruit are now available making them an ideal choice for those healthy fruit juice combo’s.

More good news for Fred’s One Stop customers with New Season Australian Navel Oranges, at last falling in price.

Good supplies at present of Imperial Mandarins – take a tip customers, cheaper prices do not always mean the best!

For good taste and quality, look for mandarins priced between $2 – $4

Jap Pumpkin, also known as Kent Pumpkin is a great special at Fred’s. The Jap Pumpkin has a soft, dry yellow-orange flesh featuring a sweet nutty flavor

Broccoli and Zucchini are exceptionally well priced this week in fact all winter vegies are very well-priced

Why not try something different for dinner customers?

Colored Capsicums in the net are also on special – delicious when stuffed with a mixture including rice and ground meat or a vegetarian mixture of rice and beans topped with cheese.

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