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Market Update 3rd July 2019

Wintertime is the perfect time for Granny Smith Apples which are ideal for roasting, stewing and baking.

Avocados are in peak supply and that means, great quality and top value!

Strawberries are good at this time with Queensland supplies well under way. Choose plump, even-coloured, rich red strawberries. Before buying, check the underside of punnets, and avoid berries that are squashed. For optimum storage, transfer Strawberries to a plate lined with paper towel. Cover with plastic wrap and store in the fridge. Best used within 2 days

Now is the time to try Cara Cara Navel oranges that are currently in season. This naturally sweet variety of orange is low in acidity and has a refreshingly tart taste that is similar to Cranberries

Fill your fruit bowl with juicy winter Lemons. Drizzle tomato-based casseroles and soups with a little lemon juice before serving to enhance flavour. Add a strip of lemon rind and lemon juice to sugar syrups for poaching apples, pears and quinces

Mandarins are sweet, juicy and a choice buy this week at Fred’s One Stop

Pears are plentiful and make for some really good buying!

Delicious fresh Medjool dates have soft sweet flesh with a delicate hint of caramel. Eat dates fresh for a sweet snack or add seeded, chopped dates to cakes, puddings or porridge

Snap up the last of the Quinces that are available. Quinces require cooking before eating. To avoid discolouration once peeled, plunge the Quinces into lemony water then bake or poach until soft and the flesh has turned an attractive shade or pink

Highly-nutritious broccolini is a superb choice for winter. Select bunched broccolini with crisp vibrant green stems. The crunchy stem and mini broccoli-like top can all be eaten, so no wastage!

Fennel is top value right now at Fred’s One Stop

Grab a handful of scrumptious roast chestnuts today! Perfect for adding to soups, hearty casseroles, sauces and puddings Team with pumpkin mushrooms or cauliflower to make a scrumptious soup

Tasty Celeriac shines in winter. Add chopped celeriac to soups, casseroles and roasts. Team celeriac with potatoes to make a creamy mash

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