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Market Update 3rd April 2019

Rockmelons are flavoursome, inexpensive and make for great eating right now! 

There is nothing quite like the taste of a New Season Apple such as Jonathon, Royal Gala, granny Smith and Pink Lady! To maintain the juicy, crisp, texture of apples at home, remember to store them in the refrigerator 

Pomegranates are renowned for their vibrant colour, tangy nectar and edible seeds and available right through from mid-Autumn to late Winter. Note that It is only the sweet-tart flavoured seeds and juice that are edible 

Creamy, smooth and nutty flavoured Shepard & Hass Avocado are a top buy this week! 

Fibre enriched Pears are here to be savoured during the cooler months. Mature yet firm Pears should be ripened at room temperature until they will yield when gentle pressure is applied at the stem end. New season William, Packham, Josephine and Beurru Bosc Pears are currently available 

If Olives are your thing, then you can pick up a kilo of Green Kalamata Olives this week from Fred’s One Stop Shopping 

Extra juicy North Coast grown Limes are currently still available 

In store we have Ruby Red Grapefruit with its attractive pinkish red flesh. Ruby Red Grapefruit is sweet to eat 

One of the most versatile Autumn Vegetables is the Eggplant which is available in a range of varieties. 

Broccoli represent good value this week at Fred’s One stop 

Cauliflowers present well at this time of the year and are ideal for steaming and adding to chunky vegetable soups. Alternatively, serve Cauliflower florets coated in a cheese sauce or buttered breadcrumbs 

Pick up the last of the Queensland New Season Ginger that has a soft pale skin and delicate flavour. For extended storage, peel the Ginger and cut into chucks. Place in a clean jar and fill with, Chinese Shaoxing rice wine, sherry or gin. Keep the jar in the refrigerator and use as required 

Silverbeet is in store with its large green gloss leaves and crunchy white stalks are ideal for adding to soups and vegetable pies or frittata

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