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The fruit we’ve all been waiting for……MANGOES!

Kensington Mangoes are a soft medium-sized Mango with a golden flesh renowned for its luscious, sweet and slightly tangy flavor. The skin is of a rich orange appearance tinged with a pinkish or reddish blush

Now what kid doesn’t love Bananas?

Priced just right this week, Bananas provide that added boost of energy and is jam-packed with nutrients for healthy young bodies

As we have come to except, Berries are fantastic as is the Papaya

The quality and value of Navel Oranges is excellent. Ruby navels in particular are delicious; great for juicing and for those customers who prefer a less acidic taste.

Best time of the year for Pineapples with both the quality and value right up
Oranges – Navels are in season – quality and value are excellent. Ruby navels are particularly delicious – great for juicing or eating, and good for those who prefer a less-acidic taste. Blood oranges are also excellent right now

Good news for our customers with the price of Tomatoes falling.

Although it can be an acquired taste, Australian Asparagus is rich in nutrients and full of flavor. Why not try some on the Barbeque?

Lebanese Cucumbers along with Telegraph Cucumbers represent both quality and value this week at Fred’s.

Groceries – Fraccaro Gondoeta Cakes are the go this week, along with 24pk
S. Pellegrino Spring Mineral Water.

Rounding out our specials at Fred’s One Stop Shopping this week, Le Grande Deli have Provolene Cheese and Soccerball Ham.

Spring has well and truly sprung this week customers so hop on in for some great specials to get you through this action-packed NRL Grand Final weekend!

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