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Market Update 30th May 2018

The price of Hass Avocados this week is supper!

If you have never tasted Rhubarb, now is the ideal time to try it. Rich in Calcium and Fibre, Rhubarb with its tangy flavour is often teamed with Apples, Strawberries or Pears

The Pears are fabulous right now! We have in store succulent Packham Pears and delightful Beurre Bosc both of which are rich in fibre and make the perfect dessert when poached

Lemons are zingy, zesty and very versatile! Can be whipped up into a tangy Lemon Curd, a steamy Lemon Pudding or used along with Oregano, to marinate Lamb Steaks

Mandarins make for a delicious and juicy anytime snack so be sure and select from the Afourer or Imperial Varieties that we have at Fred’s One Shop Shopping!

With the cooler weather have hit, now is the time for Root Vegetables and the sweetness that they offer. Serve up some roasted root vegetables with cooked meats or simply enjoy them served in a bowl topped with hummus and chopped Parsley

The mild aniseed flavour and crisp texture of fennel make for a delicious addition to casseroles, soups and salads.

For something super healthy we have vibrant, curly leaf Kale. A great source of Folate, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E and Beta Carotene which incidentally, the body converts to Vitamin A. Kale also contains Calcium, Iron and Potassium

Celery is top buy for this week. Brown Onions with their pungent, sharp flavour when used, are also good value

With Winter just around the corner, now is the ideal time for aromatic Fresh Herbs. Sage is ideal for use with Fish, Duck, Pork and Chicken while Thyme is good with chicken, stock, sausages and vegetables

Adored for their soft, delicate oniony flavour and lovely aroma, Leeks are often used as a base for a stew or braise. Good value this week

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