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Great news for customers this week with Raspberries and Blueberries from northern NSW and Strawberries from Queensland gradually increasing in not just supply, but in quality


We also have for our customers sweet and juicy Navel Oranges – usually seedless, this particular variety of orange , is very easy to peel thus making it ideal for the children’s lunchboxes.

Bananas are still well priced.

Packam, Beurre Bosc and Corella Pears are now in season hence the quality at this time is excellent

Lemons and Limes still represent very good value

Imperial Mandarins from the Riverina region, are now in season

From the vegie department the buy of week is Snow Peas – a vegetable that is not only high in fibre, but also rich, in protein and Vitamin C. The best part however, is that every part of this legume is edible!

Desiree Potatoes would have to be the pick of the potatoes this week here at Fred’s – not only is the quality excellent, with its waxy pink-red skin and creamy yellow flesh, they are the most versatile of all potatoes

Not much else to report on vegetables this week with prices and supply levels fluctuating despite a few warmer days up north and with more cold weather predicted by the end of the week, it could be some time before we can expect to see any really significant changes.

All is not gloom and doom though – S Pelligrino Water is priced to sell at Fred’s One Stop this week.

We also have for our customers, San Marino Gluten Free Ham along with Avanti and Riverina Cheese

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