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Victorian Strawberries are very good at the moment with raspberries however probably being the pick of the berries.


New season Pink Lady variety of apples have arrived and are of excellent quality.

Always finishing off the kiddies lunchbox nicely are the easy to peel Mandarins and the Red Seedless variety of sweet, tasty grapes.

Sweet Topless Pineapples have at long last come into season with quality being much improved and set to continue that way.

Customers, also at Fred’s One Stop this week we have Washed Potatoes with their creamy smooth skin and crisp white flesh inside. Excellent when baked, boiled, fried and roasted

For those that are adventurous, why not try our Aniseed – a winter vegetable with a texture and layered shape similar to that of a large onion. Its tough inner core needs to be removed however, prior to cooking

Leeks, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Brussel Sprouts are all of sound quality and very good value.

From the Deli department we have Primo Double Smoked Ham – great on sandwiches or with salad.

And lastly for those loving a great pick-me-up, we have Vittoria 100% Arabica Espresso Coffee Beans on special this week at Fred’s.

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