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Market Update 30th April 2013

Queensland Bananas are now at their absolute best for the season as are Topless Pineapples and Shepard Avocados.


Apples remain popular and are a great choice for the kiddies lunchboxes.

Here at Fred’s we are headed for a great season with Mandarins and Australian Navels set to become the season’s best.

Citrus fruit is moving into full swing with Lemons and Limes being of very sound quality and value.

Due to an adverse turn in the Victorian weather Berries are set to become an issue with the Northern Coast and Queensland regions struggling to get their crops going with heavy rainfall experienced in those regions.

The current quality of Papaya is good however the quality of Rockmelon is not as quite as good as it should be.

Mushrooms are still the pick for this week as ample supplies are still to be found in the marketplace.

Likewise, the supply in the markets of Celery for which the price remains good.

The staple vegetables such as Beans, Broccoli, Cauliflower and corn however, are still dearer to purchase.

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