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Market Update 2nd may 2018

Australian Apple Season is now in full swing with Fuji, Granny Smiths, Kanzi, Jazz, Golden Delicious, Pink Lady and Royal Gala in plentiful supply.

Bananas despite their creamy texture contain absolutely no fat, thus making them the ideal energy-boosting snack for the entire family

The best way to start each day is by adding some fresh chopped up fruit to your favourite breakfast cereal or muesli. For something a little different, try adding in Australian grown Kiwi Fruit and some New Zealand grown Gold Kiwi Fruit.

That very versatile and sometimes very tangy Mandarin Fruit can be used in the same way as Oranges. Just pierce the skin and they can be peeled in seconds. Mandarins make the ideal snack for school lunchboxes

Why not top up your fruit bowl this week with some golden coloured Lemons which are the staple fruit of most kitchens. Ideal in stir-fries, savoury dishes, marinades and dressings

Exotic looking Quinces are not just aromatic, they are sweet and while the Quince is a member of the Apple and Pear family, they are a fruit that needs to be cooked to be enjoyed

A thrifty buy this week is the orange-fleshed Sweet Potato otherwise known as Kumara. It is a vegetable that can be added to curries, casseroles, roasted or mashed

Broccoli this week is absolutely bursting with natural goodness. Did you know that fresh Broccoli should be cooked rapidly to ensure that it keeps its natural taste and colour?

As far as value this week, one simply cannot go past the humble Cabbage for its versatility, its nutrition or its flavoursome taste

Customers, Salad Tomatoes all the way from Bundaberg will ripen at room temperature until they reach a vibrant red shade and are soft to touch

Looking for a savvy buy, then look no further than Eggplant that can be cooked in so many ways…roasted, grilled, barbequed or even added to a curry.

For something healthy and economical, go no further than Celery which is very low in calories as well as making a fast, delicious appetiser when dipped in Peanut Butter

Love them or loathe them, Brussel Sprouts are worth a try, especially when thinly sliced with a little Olive Oil and Bacon Strips before having Noodles and soy Sauce thrown into the pan with them.

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