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Best special in town this week is Sweet Seedless Watermelon: a crackerjack special at Fred’s One Stop!

5 kg boxes of Sweet Cherries are also a great buy!

Topless Pineapples might not be the largest we have ever seen but they certainly are delicious!

Mangoes are simply to die for! At their absolute best right now, with varieties ranging from Kensington Pride Mangoes (also known as Bowen Mangoes) R2E2 variety, and Honey Gold Mangoes available to select from.

Nectarines and Peaches make for some great eating right now as do our Apricots.

As we have come to expect this year, Bananas continue to be priced well and tasty to eat.

Sweet seedless Watermelon is a great summer favorite and is superbly priced!

Without doubt, the Hass Avocados from Western Australia are the best….there are no other Avocados that compare. An absolute must for summer salads!

News on the vegetable front is not so good customers:

Extreme heat conditions have resulted in supply shortages, quality issues and subsequent higher prices however, with many new crops that are able to survive the heat conditions, higher prices will be short-lived.

Zucchinis are certainly one vegetable that is well worth buying.

Le grande Deli has some fantastic specials this week including Provolone Cheese, Dolce and Piccante.

Perfect for that “good ol” Christmas lunch or dinner, we have ready to cook Porketta at a good price.

Customers, you can also pick up First Grade Middle Bacon Rashers or Ham Deluxe both of which, are extremely well priced this week at Fred’s!

Rounding out our specials this week we have from our Continental Grocery section, Rocco Foods Almond Meal….

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