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Market Update 29th May 2019

Hass Avocados are from Bundaberg are plentiful this week and are at their best during the cooler months.  Serve up some creamy Avocado with crisp bacon and egg on warm Turkish or Ciabatta bread.

Navel Oranges are a top buy! This years Navel Orange harvest appears to be yielding a larger volume of large sized fruit of outstanding quality and juiciness

Renowned for their crisp, firm and tart-flavoured white flesh, Granny Smith apples are ideal for winter cooking. The flesh softens during the cooking process and becomes golden and sweeter. Granny Smith apples are perfect for stewing, baking, purees and sauces

Exotic Quinces are delicately scented and are in good supply through June and July. Closely related to apples and pears, Quinces can be stewed, baked, poached or used to make jams, jellies and pastes

Sweet Persimmons are a seasonal fruit that is available from April through to July. Eaten when the flesh is soft Persimmons are for many people, an acquired taste

Have you tried a Papple? They are a variety of pear, that looks like an apple yet has the skin of a pear. Papples are golden in colour with a red speckled blush. The flesh is mildly sweet with a slightly acidic flavour and a crisp, juicy nashi like texture

Kiwifruit is a bargain this week and in plentiful supply. a fantastic source of Vitamin C and contains Vitamin E as well as dietary fibre

Rhubarb is a popular choice of fruit for those cooler months. With a rich tangy flavour, Rhubarb is often teamed with apples or pears to make scrumptious desserts. A fruit that is rich in Calcium and Fibre

With Winter just around the corner, now is a fabulous time to discover the subtle flavour and crisp texture of Fennel. Finely shred raw Fennel for use in a salad with tomato, potato or juicy navel orange segments. Fennel is also delicious when roasted

Cauliflowers are great value right now and are simply bursting with goodness and flavour. Add some Cauliflower to rich vegetable soup or alternatively, puree some Cauli with stock and grated cheese for a tasty, creamy Cauliflower soup.

Broccoli is another vegetable that is flourishing and a top buy!

Delectably different from most other nuts, Chestnuts natural goodness is obtained through cooking. Roast up a kilo and stock up your freezer so you can add that special wintery touch to family meals all year

Versatile Carrots are a bargain. Enjoy them roasted, in stir-fries, casseroles and soups

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