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New Season Mandarins in the box customers are a great price this week and selling fast at Fred’s One Stop.

Every kitchen needs Lemons on hand especially during the cold months of when Honey and Lemon drinks can soothe sore throats – also great for enhancing and boosting the flavor of your cooking

Sweet juicy Tangelos are available right through until September

Queensland Strawberries are of sound quality

We have a favorite winter veggie Broccoli priced just right –

Renowned for their oniony flavor and divine taste, Leeks make the ideal base for your winter stew or braise.

Beetroot right now is bursting with colour and taste

Tasty fresh Carrots are a thrifty buy this week

Sun Rice 20kg Premium Jasmine Rice is going out a good price

In our grocery department customers, we have Petit Beurre 300g biscuits at a not to be missed price!

Le Grande Deli have two really good specials this week with the first one being Zanetti Grana Padano in a 200g pack but be quick customers because stocks are limited. The second special is Pancetta which is available in both Mild and Hot varieties

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