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Market Update 29th January 2019

Sweet and crunchy Flame, Menindee, Red Globe and Crimson Seedless Grapes are in plentiful supply this week

There’s nothing more thirst quenching in the heat of the day than a slice of chilled melon!

Watermelon, yellow fleshed champagne melon along with extra small Mini Lee Melons make for some delectable eating and despite their sweetness of taste, Melons are known to be very low in the kilojoule count

Refreshing Rockmelons from Hay and Griffith are naturally sweet and fragrant at this time

Zesty Limes are well priced and in plentiful supply

For something different try some tangy and refreshing Achacha (a-cha-cha) a new tropical fruit with a tangy creamy, white flesh that is similar to a Mangosteen in both taste and texture. Achacha is available only for a short time

With Chinese New Year fast approaching, it’s time to savour the delights of tropical tasting Lychees

Get in quick to snap up the last of this season’s flavoursome and top-quality Cherries!

Plump red and ripe Roma Tomatoes are a great price right now!

Red and yellow fleshed Plums are plentiful

In vegetables this week we have crunchy textured Radishes that are renowned for their delicate peppery bite. A thrifty buy at Fred’s One Stop Shopping

Versatile carrots are delicious when eaten either raw or cooked

Eggplants are not just renowned as being a good source of dietary fibre, they also provide vitamin B6 which plays a role in the biochemical reactions in the body. The deep, rich purple skin of the Eggplant provides a rich source of antioxidants

Snakes Beans are a great buy. Perfect addition to many Asian dishes and Stir-fries. Snake Beans are perfected by flavours, such as Ginger, Garlic, Fresh Herbs and Tomatoes

If you are looking for an ingredient enriched with flavour and simple to prepare then look no further than Mushrooms. They can be cooked in minutes and add a ton of flavour to Risottos, Stir-fries, and Pizza toppings

Lebanese Cucumbers are a thrifty buy this week

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