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Market Update 29 April 2020

There is a fabulous selection of quality Grapes to enjoy this week including Crimson Seedless, Red Globe, Thompson Seedless, Sapphire and Sultana Grapes 

Soft and sweet-eating Persimmons are a seasonal fruit available from April to July. The flavour of a ripe, super soft persimmon has overtones of apricot and honey. Persimmons are ready to eat when the flesh is soft, gooey and resembling apricot jam. Persimmons team well with yoghurt, custard, sponge, honey, cinnamon 

Papple Pears are new in store; a juicy Pear dressed as an Apple. Developed in New Zealand and now grown in Victoria, this round fruit is a cross between the Asian and European pear varieties. Crisp and juicy like a Nashi Pear, the Papple is deliciously sweet and low in acid. It fully ripens on the tree but has a long shelf life and keeps well however, It is best stored in the fridge 

Take home or get delivered a few Quinces this week. You will be seduced by Quinces musky perfume as they sit in your fruit bowl, waiting to be poached or baked. Quinces are complemented by flavourings like cinnamon, vanilla, honey, almonds, red wine, cream or star anise 

Pomegranates are a favourite addition to classic rices and couscous dishes of the Middle East and in ground meat dishes of India and Pakistan. They add sweetness and something special to a dish. The Australian season has started and the quality is excellent 

Cook up a tantalising Dessert with Pears while they are such good value. Williams, Packham and Buerru Bosc Pears are a bargain this week

Apples are an ideal snack food, but they also add sweetness to Salads, are superb when roasted to serve with Pork or when cored unpeeled apples are filled with nuts and dried fruits, then baked with a squeeze of orange juice and maple syrup 

Australians Mandarins are available throughout the April-October. The first of the season's Imperial Mandarins are harvested from the Gayndah region in QLD 

Bananas make an ideal snack, smoothie or fancy dessert. Bananas are ideal for serving with pancakes. This week Bananas are a fabulous price at Fred’s One Stop 

Green Limes add a citrusy zing to drinks, marinades, sauces and salad dressings. A key ingredient in Asian and Mexican dishes, limes team perfectly with avocado, coriander, mint, chilli, chicken, seafood and pork. Seedless limes have distinct lime flavour with less acidity than a lemon. For a quick lime & chilli salad dressing, combine ¼ cup lime juice, ¼ cup sweet chili sauce, 1 tbs fish sauce and 1 tbs caster sugar in a screw-top jar, shake until well combined and serve 

Munch on a seasonal salad brimming with veggies and creamy Shepard Avocado. This thin-skinned pear-shaped avocado is a thrifty buy right now at Fred’s One Stop. The season for Shepard avocados will finish around the end of April with the Hass variety increasing in supply 

The humble Choko is not just back in vogue, it is full of potential. The firm flesh becomes tender once cooked and absorbs flavour. Choko teams brilliantly with robust curries, spicy stir-fries, creamy blended soups and buttery potato mash. Store in the fridge for up to 2–3 weeks 

As the evenings become cooler Cauliflower will flourish and supplies will increase. Cauliflowers creamy white florets provide a healthy alternative to rice. Serve cauliflower with Indian curries or dahl, use instead of couscous, or simply serve it as a side dish with roasted vegetables, chicken or meat 

Autumn is Chestnut Time. Cut a cross X in each chestnut, then roast for 20 minutes in a hot oven, remove from the oven, cool slightly and peel will still warm. Toss roasted and peeled Chestnuts with Brussels Sprouts for a tasty side dish, with Roasted Vegetables or through a Salad 

Victoria grown fennel is white, crisp, flavoursome and super value this week. Delicious when served shredded in an Autumn salad 

Lebanese Cucumbers are a choice buy this week at Fred’s! 

Victorian grown Brussels sprouts are a TOP BUY!  Shred Brussels Sprouts then add to a stir-fry 

Crisp Iceberg lettuces are well-priced and are ideal for making Lettuce Cups to serve with San Choy Bau or Vietnamese Chilli Chicken Salad. 

Chinese Cabbage (also known as Wombok) is mild in flavour with pale elongated green leaves. Toss sliced chicken in a hot wok with a little oil, garlic and green onions until almost cooked through. Add shredded cabbage and Kecap Manis and stir-fry until leaves just wilt, toss through fried noodles and serve 

Broccolini is well-priced. Toss Broccolini with Pancetta & Almonds for extra flavour 

Fennel is a versatile and thrifty buy at Fred’s One Stop. Its delicate aniseed flavour is superb teamed with seafood, pork, chicken, lamb, tomato and citrus.

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