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Market Update 28th August 2019

Citrus Fruits are still in good supply and eating very nicely.

Blood Oranges, with their raspberry-red succulent flesh and sweet flavour, are ideal for juicing. Make the most of the season Blood Oranges as the season will finish October.

Navels oranges are premium quality and top value!

Pink fleshed Ruby Grapefruit are refreshing

Tangelos are vibrant and tangy while late season Mandarins remain a popular choice

Packham Pears are still good quality. Classic poached Pears are easy to prepare, taste divine and are very high in fibre

At Fred’s One Stop we have some scrumptious X-L Strawberries on sale this week. Add sliced Strawberries to your favourite breakfast cereal, savor them as a nutritious snack or serve roasted Strawberries with waffles

A healthy choice are our sweet flavoured Blueberries that are another great special this week at Fred’s!

Good news customers, we have Kensington Pride Mangoes the Darwin area. Best peeled just prior to eating, ripe mango skin will easily pull away from the flesh. A ripe mango is perfect eaten as is, or when used in desserts or salads

It’s a good time to try Rhubarb. A fruit loaded with Calcium making it good for your teeth and bones. Rhubarb adds a delightful flavour to Moroccan style sweet curry or alternatively, stew Rhubarb up with either Granny Smith Apples or delicious Packham Pears for a tantalising dessert.

We have in store some refreshing, juicy Rockmelons from Queensland

Leafy kale is a bargain! Jam-packed with goodness and ever so versatile. Kale can be pan fried, oven baked or steamed

Who can resist in season Aussie Asparagus? Add trimmed spears to a risotto or blanch and toss into a spring salad along with some broad beans

Add the flavour of fresh herbs to your cooking. Loaded with lively flavour, the quality of fresh grown local herbs, like mint, coriander, dill, thyme, chives and parsley is exceptional

English Spinach is a bargain, versatile and mild tasting. Delightful when eaten cooked or raw Toss washed leaves through cooked spaghetti with ricotta cheese and grilled pancetta

Snap up freshly picked snow peas this week. Quick to cook, snow peas add a delicious crunchy texture to salads, side dishes and stir-fries

Holy guacamole!

Good quality Hass Avocados from Mildura, the North Coast of NSW and a trickle from the Glasshouse Mountains in Queensland are really worth adding to the shopping list

While we all know how delicious and versatile mushrooms are, the real health benefits are only just really going to light. Look after yourself by add a few extra mushrooms to your diet this week

Globe artichokes are in store. A stunning vegetable with a unique, subtly sweet flavour

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