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Market Update 28th August 2012

Strawberries are in abundance and really are the pick of all fruit for this week while it is very good news for Banana lovers as crops have made a good recovery from the recent cold temperatures in the growing areas.


The first of the Australian Grapes have started this week…they are the maroon seedless for those who much prefer the Australian variety.

Good news with Murcott Mandarins as this is traditionally the best time of the year for them while the price of Blueberries is starting to ease.

With the onset of much warmer weather, customers can look forward to seeing big increases in the supply of vegetables with the only exception being, Lebanese Cucumbers however, there are still some reasonably priced Telegraph Cucumbers which make an excellent substitute for the Lebanese variety.

Hass Avocados are now in season and add a welcome flavor to any salad.

Pears namely Packham, Bosc and Corellas are all in season while seedless Watermelons from the Northern Territory are of good quality.

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